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Take Back Your Township

For almost a decade and a half, Gloucester Township has been ruled by the mighty Norcross backed Democrat Machine.   Pay-To-Play relationships have funded the Norcross\Mayer political machine into an almost unbeatable juggernaut.
Democrats, Republicans and Independents have all tried to stand up and take back this town, but all of them have failed.  In 2021 the Republican Team and the Independent Team collectively got more votes than the machine.

It's different now.

Both opposition teams have joined forces to create the greatest chance for victory Gloucester Township has ever seen.    

Contribute To Our Cause

Many of have stood up to the Norcross machine that runs South Jersey, but very little have succeeded. Their teams are well funded and greatly staffed. We can't do this alone. If we are going to take down this machine and take back our town we need your help.


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Joe Damico, Joe Allen, Ray Henry & Tim Pfeffer